Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I want to take a minute and and publicly announce my love for my children. My babies have been SO patient with me the last 7 months. There love for my is unconditional and they are such great examples of everything good to me. I hope they will always know and feel of my great love for them.

I found Kash watching TV in this basket last night in our room. He is so funny and creative.

My girls got to cheer at the MVT game this last weekend. They did so good. I was so proud! It brought back some fun memories for me. Maybe these two will have the same picture when Madi is a senior and Dani is a sophmore:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Good Start to A Good Week (Hopefully :0)

We started out this October Break by taking a quick trip up to Pine Top to help some cousins move their Semi Truck full of stuff into their rental and storage unit. It was a long day but it was so great to spend time with some great people that we hardly ever got to see seeing as how they lived in Alaska!

We rented a little cabin and made a mini vacation out of this trip. Here are the kids actually getting along. Gotta cherish these moments right?!

The kids did so good helping out where they could and just staying out of the way, we took them to Denny's for dinner. If you look at Isaac's face (the only one looking at the camera) you can tell what kind of day it was.

The kids played outside all day, everyday. The weather was fabulous and they were so tired from running non stop all day they fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. How great is that?!

We took the kids to the park and let them run wild once again. Jake had to get in on all the fun. Is it just me or does swinging never get old?

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and drove up to Sunrise and rode the ski lift to the top of the mountain. I was so proud of my kids for not freaking out!

The weekend was a blast. Now I just hope and pray that I make it through this next week without being a witch of a mother. I am trying so hard to pretend that I have enjoyed this pregnancy so far but who am I kidding? I am miserable for some reason, I am a flippin' HIPPO, and I have been so grumpy and moody. I have never been of felt like this with my other 3 pregnancy's so this is all new to me and I have no idea how to handle my crazy self! Anyhow thanks for letting me vent.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Let the festivities begin! I am so looking forward to this Holiday season. For one, I love my kiddos and it's so nice to see them having so much fun and being together as a family more than we usually are, and for two, I am looking forward to this pregnancy flying by through the season! I HAVE HAD WITH THIS ONE! I am soooooo excited to have this sweet baby boy in my arms and with our family but, HOLY COW, I have despised this pregnancy!

Anyways, onto the fun stuff, my awesome sister-in-law Amber was in charge of our monthly combined FHE and she had the funnest activities planned for the kids. She is so creative, I love it. We started out with a sweet game of Halloween Bingo, then we made spooky spiders with ding-dongs (I forgot how much I love those things), black licorice, and red hots, then onto the creepy popcorn hands. It was such a fun night. Once again I am so lucky to have such a great and fun family! Thanks Amber!

Now for the good weather. Now that my girls are back in school I get to spend some quality time with my Kash Man. This little boy is sheer entertainment for me. He's crazy but he is such a good boy, has the best and funnest personality, and most importantly he loves me :) We have enjoyed this great weather so much. The park has never been so much fun!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Allen Family Reunion '09

A few weekends ago we had the opportunity to go down to Wilcox, Az for the Allen Family Reunion. We had a great time. How can you beat good wheather, good food, good company, and great fun?! You just can't!

While we were there we had the chance to drive to Safford to see the new temple that is being built. What a beautiful sight!

On Saturday we went to Apple Annie's Apple picking farm. We missed the hay ride so we found a trailer the was parked and tried to convince the kids that playing on the hay was just as fun. Everyone but Kash (in the background) was convinced :)

I tried to teach Kash how to look cross eyed.

This place had the yummiest suckers, ice cream, fudge, and so much more!

My Sweet Babies ....

My Hubby took our barrel train up there and entertained the kids for hours on end!

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family! I am so blessed to have been born into a great family and to have married into such a great family as well.