Friday, July 10, 2009

We really enjoyed our 4th celebration this year. It was very relaxed but still a blast for the kids. My hubby was nice enough to let me go to my favorite class at the gym without having to wake up the kids and take them with me.( he usually has to go sign leases or show houses early Sat.) So he was home with the kids for the morning. He got the kiddos breakfast and them hopped in the shower and this little note was on the mat outside the shower waiting for him. My kids really got into the holiday this year. It was so fun!

We had a BBQ at the Allen house and of course went swimming! My kids in there 4th of July outfits:)

We are so lucky that the church down the street puts on a fireworks show that we can see from the park by our house. It was so nice to get my jammy's on and let my kids run around and not be worried about them.

Well, my girls ran around and played but this is how Kash spent his evening. He was so scared of the fireworks but yet he wanted to see them so bad so he didn't want to cover his eyes so he, instead, covered his mouth. He is such a goober!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I had so much fun watching Kash's swim lessons this summer. This was his first session ever and it was a complete success! He SCREAMED and CRIED for the first week and then he finally discovered Miss Courtney's magical powers and something clicked. He did awesome and learned to love it. We owe it all to Miss Courtney! She's the BEST!

His thumbs up is my favorite.

This boy's got hops!!

We took a day off from swimming at Nana's and went and played in the water down at San Tan Mall. We took our lunch and played in the water all afternoon. The kids loved it.
My cute girls!

My girls got the opportunity to do the MCC Musical workshop again this summer. I tell you, it's a little expensive but TOTALLY WORTH IT! I'm so proud of my girls and their cousins. They are all so talented. You make us so proud kiddos.

Ok now here comes the really fun part...............WICKED! Yes we went and saw Wicked and I am still giddy! It was sooooooo good, I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about how awesome it was! The cast was amazing and did such a great job! I would totally recommend it to ANYONE AND EVERYONE!!!!!!

My whole family bought tickets and we took Jake's parents for their Christmas present and my beautiful Sis-in-law Amber and her husband Todd bought tickets as well. Such a fun night!