Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wow! I never really listened to people when they would tell me how fun Cruise's were. I just tuned them out because I have never been on one. Well I went on my first cruise this last weekend and HELLO.................why didn't anyone tell me that Cruise's were so much fun?!Ha Ha Me and my hubby went along with Zack and Liz (Jake's bro and wife), Krystal and Jason (Jake's sis and hubby), and Amber and Todd (Jake's sis and hubby). Let me just tell you that these 6 people made this trip what it was for me! They were so fun, so hilarious, so crazy it was a blast! Our Cruise Director, Stu, told us that if we ate at least 7 meals a day we would actually lose weight because it would help speed up our metabolism. We, of course, followed his directions and......well........ I will not divulge whether or not this new "diet" plan worked for us or not.

This man was so much fun on this trip. He always keeps me entertained. ( or embarrassed, I'm not quit sure but whatever it is I love him for it.) He won this bag (yes I said bag not hat) for being the loudest and most obnoxious in the audience. Does that surprise anyone?

We had the BEST waiter at our dinner's! Everyday we looked forward for dinner to come just so we could spend time with our friend.............LAURO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and Todd. They are crazy. No explanation of this picture needed.

Our stop was in...........wait for it ............MEXICO. YIKES! I know what you all are thinking. And no I did not bring the Swine Virus to AZ. Well at least I hope not!
We rented quads for a few hours and rode around the little town and the beach. We asked a little Mexican boy to take a picture for us and this is what we got. (I just realized that the picture disappeared Oh well)

All because 2 people fell in love!
Me and my Awesome, Beautiful, Crazy sis in laws!

This was as dressy as we got for our "formal dinner".

Krystal and I were on the same wave length when we bought our dresses.

One afternoon there was a hypnotist show. My sis in law's Liz and Krystal and of course my crazy husband participated. By far, one of the funniest experience on the trip. I can't even begin to tell you what they did. I would be here forever and I'm pretty sure I would pee my pants reliving this experience. It was that funny!

After our cruise was over we did a little shopping on shore in San Diego and of course, pictures by the beach.

I said it before and I will say it again, these girls are the Best! (Malinda and Shelice, you guys are the best too and you were definitely missed.)

Saturday, April 11, 2009