Monday, March 24, 2008

Do I cry or cheer?!

WOW! This week has been amazing for me. The first part of the week
we had some cousins from Alaska in town so the first few days
were spent just hangin' out at Nana and Grandad's
(Jake's parents) inside and out.

Jake would kill me if he knew I was posting this picture
but I wanted to post it to show you guys how much fun
it is to be married to this goofy guy! I love him to death.
There is never a dull moment!!!!
The kids were dancing and doing gymnastics in the family room
and Jake made the mistake of saying, " Wow guys, those cartwheels are
almost as good as mine."
Well, he asked for it. Shortly after his comment came a dare
so in this first picture he is stretching
( he was just being silly for the kids)
Kash looked at his daddy and thought to himself,
" That looks fun I want to hang upside down too."

The picture's kinda fuzzy but I have 2 words for you,
PERFECT 10!!!!!!!!!

Slade and Carissa's kids (our cousin's)
had never been to the Zoo so we ventured out there
on Tuesday and had a blast!
This was Kash's favorite part of the zoo.
He thought all of these goats were cows so for
5 minutes straight we heard MOOOOO.
He's so stinkin' cute!

Ok, there was no cooperation in this picture. Kash was too busy with the giraff's
and Dani was mad because she couldn't sit in the stroller and Madi thought she was
in a movie or something! She is such a poser! So funny!

"Mom, look how strong we are!'

My girls are very interesting. Dani is not affraid of anything. This is the slide
in Jake's parents backyard. It's so fun but it's pretty fast and Dani was
not affraid at all!
(remember, she's 4)
Ok, now this is Madisen, my 7 year old!! She on the other hand, is affraid of
everything! I told her she had to try the slide and she
flipped out, started screaming and ran for cover in Kash's
old swim toy. They are totally different but I think that's what
makes it so fun.

The last part of spring break Jake and I were able to go on the "Exodus" trek with the youth in our stake. It was honestly one of the neatest experiences in my life. The kids in our family and in our tribe were absolutly amazing. The world is getting scary but yet these kids were so strong in their testimony's. I learned alot from all of the youth up there and I will forever be greatful to them and strong spirit's and character!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

These were all the girls in our tribe. They were all adorable and so fun!

(I have a picture of our entire tribe but it won't pull up so I'm going to post it later)

We missed all of the Easter parties on Saturday so sunday was pretty relaxed for us, which I am extremely greatful considering the fact that I have and ear infection and a sinus infection.
(Seriously, am a two year old or something?)

My dad is the best, he loves to give horsey rides to the kids and then
buck them off onto the couch. They love it!
And I quote, " Oh Crap!!!"

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Drum Roll Please.............

(Just a warning, this post is kind of random.
I have yet to master the whole blogging
everyday thing. Hello, I can't even remember
to brush my teeth everyday!!!!)
A family friend of ours, Jarom Rogers, opened his
mission call this weekend...............
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations Jarom!
You will be a great Missionary.

My new way of parenting. JUST JOKING!!!
Everybody laughed at me because instead of
running to help my poor little Kash, I ran as
fast as I could for my camera. (Dang Blog!)

This is my, ever so wonderful, sister-in-law Amber.
Let me tell you people, this girl is truly wonder woman.
She is, no doubt, the best mom ever. She is so fun with
her kids and so loving. She has 9 year old TWIN boys,
a 7 year old boy, a 4 year old little princess and oh no that's
not it! She's pregnant with her SECOND SET OF TWINS!!!
You can tell by this picture, she has the funnest personality.
Love you Amber!

"Gee, I hope my mom doesn't see me drinking this 32oz
Dr. Pepper! It's 9:00 at night. She would kill me if she
knew what I was doing!"

"What mom? This isn't Dr. Pepper, it's just water! (hee! hee!)
"You can't get mad at me, I'm too cute!"

Yes, I really think he is trying to run away!
Am I that mean of a mother?

And last but, most definitely, not least!.......................
Hadley Kay Payne arrived on March 15 @ 3:15 pm
weighing, a perfect, 7lbs 5oz. Krystal, you are so awesome!!
What a blessing having a child is! I am so excited for Krystal
and the adventure she is now beginning!

( I know, my head looks like the size of a watermelon!!)

Monday, March 10, 2008

There is only one pretty child in the world and every mother has it. Chinese Proverb

Well, we had a pretty uneventful weekend. (aren't those the best!?) No hospital runs, no doctor's visits, just plain fun! It started out with make-over night. The girls, some how, thought it would be fun to (in their language) do my hair (in my language: torture me).

The end result was awesome, don't you think?! They made me keep it like that all night and of course that just happened to be the night when 4 different people decided to come over for some reason. (nobody ever comes to our house on the weekend!)
Saturday was just a chill day. We did yard work and played outside. It was so beautiful, we could not pass it up!

Does he not think he is the coolest think to ever hit planet earth?
Sunday, after Stake Conference (which is a joke with 3 kids who think it is a free -for- all for
2 hours), we had a picnic out in our backyard. We ate on my $30 garage sale find. Isn't
fantastic?! This picnic table is huge, it can seat at least 12 people, and it came with 2 long
benches. I LOVE IT!

(I love these kids!!!!!!!!)

Okay, now, in this picture he is totally playing a game with me. I kept telling him to
look at the camera and he would not do it! He thinks he is hilarious! He does this all the
time. If you look close you can see he is grinning and he is trying so hard not to look at
me because he knows it's driving me crazy that he won't do it.

This is the very next picture. He finally gave in! Look at that naughty little look
on his face! He is such a stinker but I love him to death!

Here's a better look at the picnic table.

My kids are so smart! This is a slide that was from our old swing set. When
took it apart we kept the slide and my kids use it to get on the tramp.

If we can't find Kash in our house, we always know where he'll end up!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

(yes I did drive around all day like this and yes everyone asked what the heck a 10 cow wife
meant. It was pretty funny explaining what it meant. ( MOHANNA YOU UGLY!!!)

Monday was my 27th birthday and let me tell you my husband really outdid himself this year. I am so increadibly lucky to have such a wonderful, thoughtful husband! He woke up early with the kids and TRIED to get the kids ready and he took me out to Crackers for breakfast. He then told me I had to be ready by noon to go to lunch (i assumed it was with him). All the sudden noon rolls around and my sister and mom are knocking at the door. He planned for them to come and take me out to lunch and get a manicure(my favorite). Not only that, he also offered to my sister to watch her 2 youngest children so we could go child free! Isn't he fantastic!!!!

NO it didn't stop after lunch. He took us out to Cheesecake Factory for dinner (Madi was pretty
distraught because she hates cheese and she figured that because of the name that was all they served

Madi and Dani were trying to entertain Kash with a puppet show. It was GREAT!

After dinner we went home and had cake and icecream with my family and Jakes. Thank you to all that came. Especially Malinda considering it was her Birthday too. I am truly blessed! My family is so important to me and I just happened to have the best of both worlds. I came from the best family and I married into the best family! I love you all!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday Mania!!!!

Special tribute to my Brother-in-Law Brick and my neice Rebecca! It is both of their birthday's today. March is a fun month in our family. We have a lot of birthday's in march and we thought we established a rule in the Allen family that we couldn't have any more birthday's in march but apparently Krystal Marie(my sister in law) didn't get the memo because she is do in two weeks with her first baby. Just kiding Krystal, I am so excited to meet your sweet little baby and better yet I am so excited to celebrate our birth's in the same month!