Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GO JASE!!!!!!

This last weekend we drove up to Utah to see my oldest nephew play Basketball. Besides the 5 inches of snow and freezing weather, we had a blast!!

I couldn't resist these pictures of Kash! The day we left I had a hair appointment with my, oh so awesome, sister-in-law Krystal and unfortunately I had to bring the little booger along. Getting his haircut and shampooed was his reward for being good. (he loves to get his haircut, crazy, I know)

This is my sister Mauri, her husband Jeff, and my, star basketball player, nephew Jase. It was senior night so they were introduced to the crowd with their parents.

They live in a pretty small town so everyone noticed the 20 new people in the crowd. WE were totally loud and obnoxious, I'm sure everyone was annoyed but we had an absolute blast!

Me and my beautiful sisters! I'm so lucky and blessed to have these ladies in my life! They are best example to me and I thank them for it!