Monday, April 28, 2008

Are any of you as sick of seeing that stupid, ugly picture of my eye as I am!!?? I promise I will be posting something better soon. My camera died and I keep forgetting to charge the battery! Love you all!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Love Thy Neighbor..."

We had such a great weekend! We have the best neighbor's in the world! My friend Kim and I are the only one's in the neighborhood without a life so we are always out front with our kids watching them play while we read the mail or a good gossip magazine ( I know, I'm pathetic) , or just plain gossiping ( like I said, I'm pathetic) . This past weekend we decided to make a dinner out of it. ( good ol' Nello's Pizza)

Now this family consists of 4 boys, who are most definitely just that, BOYS! So Dave, the dad, just eats up the fact that this cute little 4 year old girl is always so interested in all of the little projects he does. I think she asked his about a million questions while he was changing out this light. She cracks me up!

Here we are eating in the front yard. I know this may seem a little W.T. but it was so much fun!

Now this picture scares me a little. Look how frightened they look at thought of actually eating a veggie. I have got to do something about this asap!

"When is it my turn dad?" (This picture confirms it! We are W.T.)

For the love...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This picture is for all of the children out there who have ever had pink eye. I am sooooooooo sorry. I never really understood what you were going through. I really didn't think it to be that big of a deal, but boy was I WRONG!!!! The burning, the itching, the gunk that just won't stop coming! I am so sorry!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Ok, I was reading some blogs and I came across my friend Nina's blog and I clicked on a link that she put on her post. You all have got to click on it and read! As I read this sweet letter I sat there and cryed like a little baby! I have never felt such peace. I have been feelling sorry for myself lately. Kash was in the hospital, once again, on Monday and I was feeling overwhelmed and tired. I was so excited to just sit at the computer and have a moment to myself. I know with out a doubt that I was supposed to stumble across this letter. This woman is so amazing! You have got to read this letter! I'm telling you, everyone has something to learn from this. ENJOY!!

(click on Olson's link in my friends list and then click on the link she has listed in her actual post.)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daddy Daughter

I think Kash got his feelings hurt because he wasn't invited to Father Daughter. He pouted and walked around the house just like this for a little while after Jake and the girls left on their little adventure.

Now if you know my girls, you know that they are afraid of EVERYTHING! (especially Madi) so they didn't actually go camping in the "forrest", instead, Jake took them quad riding during the day then they went to dinner and a movie. Then they camped out in the family room.

This is my family room transformed into the outdoors!

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!!!!!!!

Saturday our neighborhood had their annual findraiser for our neighborhood watch program. It was so much fun. We have the best people in our area. I have really enjoyed living here and never want to move!!!
This is as close as Dani would get to the water that the fire truck was spraying.

Madi, on the other hand, was front and center! (surprising, I know)

Madi getting her face painted.
Dani's turn.

Kash wasn't into the girly face painting stuff so he went and spent all of his time on the moon bouncer. What a great invention!

Yes I of course had to join in on all the fun! I really don't think I have grown up all that much.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What a weekend!!!!!

I have to start out by saying, I LOVE conference weekend! Saturday we watched the
morning session at the Allen's home and after my girl's planted tomato plants with the
Grandad. (A little shout out to Noel. The backyard looks fantastic!!!!) While they were
planting, Jake mowed the lawn and I enjoyed catching some ray's.

The little rascal's (Kaleb and Kash) cannot go out back without getting a "vroom-vroom"

Every conference Sunday my in-laws have a huge, delicious breakfast. I'm talkin' the
whole shabang! french toast, waffles, eggs, bacon, home-made buttermilk syrup, and new
this year, cinnamin syrup. Oh my goodness, it was so YUMMY!!!!! Thank you so much
Noel and Karen for always being so great and welcoming all of us crazy people into your
home. We love you!!!!

My girls could not get enough of all the beautiful babies there! I think they want a baby
sister. (no hard feelings Kash) (Madi's holding Hadley and Dani's holding Holly)

Dani got to feed Hadley all by herself! What a big girl. Thanks Krystal for letting Dani
get her baby fix so she will stop asking me to have another baby!

Does this face make anyone else nervous? This child has done way too many crazy things
for me to just let him do what he was thinking of doing next. (seriously, I didn't let him
continue because I really was afraid of what was coming) A concussion, a broken nose, and
4 day hospital stay have been enough for me. I'm afraid stitches are next and I didn't
really want to spend the second session of conference in Urgent Care!

Ok, this one makes me laugh! Madi was being a little too disruptive during the talks
so I got upset and sent her to time-out in the other room. She gets so mad at me when
I send her to time-out so she usually stomps her feet really loud or cries really loud or
something to that extent. But this time she was so mad she bit her pants as hard as she
could and her tooth came out. Way to turn a bad situation into a joyous one Madi!
Luv You!!

Nothin like listening to Grandad sing his silly made up songs at the end of the day!

I REALLY enjoyed conference this year. I enjoy it every year but this one was really
good for me. I have had a lot of personal trials these last 6 months and it just seemed
like every talk was so encouraging and so directed right to me! I miss President Hinckley
dearly but President Monson is sooooo great! My favorite was at the closing of his remarks
he says something like, " You pray for me, I'll pray for you and together we will make it."
What a neat man and how great is it to know that our Prophet is praying for each and
every one of us! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! LOL

Friday, April 4, 2008

What is this? One might ask. My response
would be, who knows!

This is actually what is called a "flopover" in the
Allen household. It is a bean and cheese
quesadilla with grape jelly.
No you're not mistaken, I really did say grape jelly!
I know it sounds crazy but it is actually
delicious! Jake and I used to have it all the time
when we lived with his parents (3 diff. times)
but we have forgotten about this delightful little
secret and our girls had never had it. So my sweet husband (pictured below)
knew I was having a terrible day and told me he was cooking that night
and this is what his suprise dinner was. I loved it!!!

It took us about 20 minutes to convince our girls how delicious
it was and when they tried it they couldn't get enough!

I had the opportunity to go on Madi's 1st grade field trip to
the Zoo! I didn't realize how fun the zoo could be without
a 1 year old. I think I had more fun than the kids did, as you could tell
in this picture. (I know, I'm a dork!)

Is she serious?! She said she wanted to take a picture on the tractor
and this is how she posed. I'm affraid to show this to her dad.
(we've already had to have a talk with her about not kissing boys
and not having boyfriends!)

This gorilla statue is at the end of the zoo. When we were walking out she yells
"Daddy!" I thought to myself, "Why the heck is Jake here?" I look over
and this is what I see. Is that not funny?
I know that's not very nice but she has to funniest sense of humor
and she was totally kidding! (love ya jake! You're hot!!!!)

I ate so much CRAP at the zoo, I came home and did a pilates video.
At the end of the video there is a 10 minute sculpting blast video
and Dani loves to do it! She begs me everyday so I told her she could when
I was done. She vanished for a little bit and she came back dressed like this
ready to work out. I love her!