Saturday, March 28, 2009


WOW! It has been a busy couple of weeks! We had a great spring break in Cali. Unfortunately while we were gone, our beloved Bompa passed away. Bompa is my husbands Granpa Curtis. He was the neatest man and my kids absolutely adored him, he was sooooo entertaining. Although we miss him dearly, he was so desperate to return to his Heavenly Father and his Sweetheart, Grananna, who passed away last May. So while we are sad that he is gone, knowing how happy he his right now really helps us all deal with the sadness.

While we were at the Burial Service we took the opportunity to go visit Aunt Susan (my sister-in-law) who passed away 4 months ago.

Bompa had developed a lot of the land in Mesa when he was a young man and was a very well known "Cowboy" so he was carried in to the site on a horse and buggy. It was such a neat service! I'm so glad my kids were able to see it.



Whew! I made it ! I decided to actually do something for spring break this year. We usually just stay home and veg out but not this year. Me and the kids left Sunday and went up to Oceanside and stayed in an, oh so small but awesome, condo right and I mean right off the beach! It was a blast! We have never had the luxury of staying so close to the beach. It was so much fun and so relaxing. Although I was really proud of myself for surviving the first part ot the week by myself, I was so glad to see my honey buns on Thursday! We took rides along the beach.........

Went to watch Stetson (Jake's cousin who plays for BYU which is the main reason we took the trip to Cali, Loved watching Stetson play and loved hangin out with his cute newlywed wife, Holly!)......
Ate breakfast outside on the porch every morning (it was freezing, by the way).......

Fell asleep in each others arms..........(brought tears to my eyes)

Went to the San Diego Zoo (Kung Foo Panda pose)........

Found a dead crab on the beach (I told them to do a scary face and this is what they came up with)...........

Hung out on the beach with loved ones...........

Wore goggles all day long, even though he never touched the water, and would not take them off and got suction marks that are still there :)..........

Enjoyed the company of all my best friends all week long!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Before I begin let me just say that I love my children more than life itself. I really do have the best kids in the whole wide world but yesterday was "just one of those days". One of those days where you feel like you have failed at everything in life. Where you feel like you have failed at being a homemaker, you have failed at being a mother, and, really, like you have failed at everything in general. My oldest thinks that you only go to school to play with your friends, and keeps getting in trouble. Forget about all that learning stuff, right? WRONG! My middle child decided that she wanted to forget that she was ever potty trained and had 2 accidents in 1day. She said she just "didn't feel like going." Is she serious?! My little booger decided he was in charge of himself yesterday and that he didn't have to do anything I told him to do and that he didn't have to follow any of the rules. Jake and I made a monumental mistake last night by deciding to take the kids to eat. We decided to try Fusion Pizza. Absolutely loved the, all organic, food but don't ever take your kids there unless they are angles. We noticed 2 DIFFERENT couples ask if they could move to a different table and I am absolutely positive it was because of our kids. (I really didn't think they were that bad but apparently they were. By that point in my day I think I was just oblivious) So when we got home everyone just went there separate ways and this is where I found myself, in my pantry.(above picture) This was my hiding spot. Yes I know that we had just gotten home from eating but once again it was "just one of those days". I pulled out the Junior Mints, Licorice, Hot Tamales, and Pirates Booty and went to town. I thought it was a good hiding place but apparently I chew too loud and Madi (my oldest) found me and snuck a picture of me. I didn't even know she knew how to use a stinkin' camera!

Well today has been a little better. Like I said, I love my children but I'm sure glad I have treats hidden in my pantry for days like those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RAGNAR......You don't scare me!!! kinda do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok everyone, this might not be any big deal to you but actually participating and finishing the Ragnar Relay Race was a huge deal and accomplishment for myself. I've ran a marathon before and although it was very hard I have to say that this race was a lot harder for me to actually run in and complete. Now this was hard for me but I have to say that this was, by far, the funnest, neatest thing I've ever done! I absolutely loved it!!!!!

Here we are (the first van of 6) at the start line. If you're looking at this picture thinking, "Man, why does Megan look like she's gonna pee her pants or maybe even throw up?" Well, I was the lead off leg for our team and let me tell you I could hardly stand up in this picture (above) I was that nervous!

Me, Tiffany, Katie, and Amber along side the highway waiting to cheer on our awesome teammates!
This was at the last exchange. I have to tell you how amazing these people in this picture are. They all pushed themselves to their limits and when they wanted to quit they pushed even harder because we were a team. I was so lucky to be part of such a great team.

Just say Ahhhh was our team name. Here we are at the finish line.
This "one mile to go" mile marker was out at the last mile of each leg. You either loved this sign or you hated it. You either saw this sign and cried because you did it and you were almost there or you saw this sign and cried because you didn't think you could go any further and you weren't done yet!

Now, this is my Brother in law Greg. He was the last leg of the 2nd van so every time he was done he would pass off to me. Seeing this man get closer and closer to me was seriously the scariest thing ever. Every time I saw him I would think to myself, "Holy Cow, please just turn around and run the other way Greg, I can't do this!" But for some strange reason he would never turn around, dang it, he just kept on coming :)

Everyone who ran at night had to wear these, oh so fashionable head lamps and reflector vests. Aren't they HOT!!!???

I feel a void. I feel so lost with out something to do. I don't have anything to train for anymore. I don't know what to do. I loved it and I hope that I get to do again next year, and the next year and next!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I just wanted to take a quick second and wish my Sister-in-law's Malinda and Shelice a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you 2 dearly and am better for knowing you!