Sunday, February 14, 2010

These are my loves! I have never made a huge deal out of Valentine's Day but this year has struck a nerve. We still don't do a lot for this day but I am overwhelmed with the love that I feel for these 5 people. I adore each and every one of these amazing people and am so thankful that they are a part of my life. So on this day I am celebrating them and the love that I have for them.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

For some reason the pictures are showing up as a whole bunch of letters and numbers while I write this post so I have no idea what order these pictures are in. The one where he is in the towel I just couldn't resist. He went to his first sacrament meeting on Sunday and he was officially 1 month old that day(not a great picture-I was in a hurry). The close-up of his face was to document that I am pretty sure this little boy will have the Allen's curly hair! And last but not least, Kash has sure felt like the big boy of the house now that Kade is here and requires so much attention. He has to make his own lunch almost everyday.

That is it for now. Life is finally getting a little more normal. Kade isn't my happiest of babies but man I sure do love that little man. Even while he is cranky I can still see his sweet demeanor. I sure do love my kiddos!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


10 years ago today this man and I started our wonderful, crazy life together. It has been the best 10 years of my life. This man is SO patient with me, it's a wonder he is still standing by my side...I am a CRAZY WOMAN! He loves my unconditionaly and always has me and the rest of the fam on the top of his list. He really is the best and he deserves everything he wants in life, he is that amazing!

I love you honey! I look forward to the next 10 years!